Olivia's Estate Sales of Chicago

Why Choose Olivia's Estate Sales?

We want to hear your story so we can put together a sale that is custom-made for you.  We work with your schedule for when the sale can take place and will recommend how long it should last.  Most estate sales are 2-3 days, but in some instances they can be longer or may span several weeks for large estates.

We will advise you whether to put some items up on an internet auction, since some items consistently bring two to three times the dollar amount in this environment. 

All contents will be organized and displayed in attractive and inviting vignettes to keep customers shopping.

Our friendly and courteous staff makes shopping easy and will assist customers with heavy lifting. 

When the sale is over, we promptly deliver profits.  In the case of a living estate, remaining contents may be saved or donated to a charity of your choice.

 Customization Options:

  • Friends & Family Pre-Sale
  • Clean-Out & Recycling Service
  • Auction Management

You can be sure we will have your best interest in mind.  Your success means our success.  Most importantly, do not throw anything away until we provide a consultation.  Even house plants contribute to the overall sale. 

If you would like to learn more about Estate sales, this link may be helpful:  http://www.estatesales.net/learn

Olivia's Estate Sales of Chicago 

Bob Denger  708.522.9898

Or E-MAIL  rodenger@live.com


At Olivia's we understand times can be difficult, we have been there and now we can be there for you.  We are a caring, compassionate team that has your best interests at heart.  Call before you start, 708.522.9898 

Even if you do not decide to use our services, it will cost you nothing to get our opinion of your items.

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